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"I just wanted to sleep..."

Ayame Tanaka is a lovely third year who has quite a foul mouth. However, she is a night owl in a society of  early birds. Ayame sleeps during a Harvest Moon one day in class and transports her and her friends to an alternate dimension. 

But it's a nightmare. Why are they confessing when they should be hiding?!


Feel free to vote who's your favorite character in the poll here!

Released for My First Game Jam! 



backgrounds: uncle mugen, sozai
character sprites: sozai, Elzee
gui: LadyOfGatsby
font: Signika
tutorials used: Mobile text system
music & sounds: antwash, GentlemanWalrus, Bratok999 , klankbeeld, kingsrow, CalebMelcher


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Nightmare_Date-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 35 MB
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Nightmare_Date-1.0-steam.zip 52 MB
Nightmare_Date-1.0-win.zip 32 MB


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The plot itself, while promising, is a tad bit short. In my first playthrough,  I was shocked to find myself dead just by choosing to hide with Hiroki. I made no other decisions  other than hiding with him, which led me to thinking there was a glitch in the dialouge. I restarted the game, and the same thing happened. Eventually, I realized it was the same for every character I clicked on. 

I'm still wondering if this is what is supposed to happen... Is there perhaps a walkthrough?

Anyways, the game was fairly interesting, and the character's conversations with each other are quite natural... I'm looking forward to any of your future works! :)

Thank you so much for playing this game! And yeah, that was supposed to happen. :P They shouldn't be confessing when there's a devil trying to get in! This game was made for a game jam - but if there was enough interest, I would love to work on a full game for this.

And thank you for your comments on the dialogue! I was worried that it didn't so thank you for reassuring me! ^^

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The game is a bit too straightforward. It was simply boring. There were NO suspense nor actual survival. The idea was promising, so I am disappointed with the actual result. It would be much better to narrow down a quantity of possible "dates", but add a plot and actual dilemmas. Best luck to authors anyway!

ah thank you... sorry... i didn't have enough time to finish it or put in everything i wanted as it was for a game jam. but i'll keep that in mind when i start working on it more! (and by the way, there's only a singular author - me!)

Just wish that it would take longer plot (it has promising theme of story), but it's okay ^^

The characters representation is quite charming, the storytelling is smooth, and how the name of the ending indicates the sleep problem Ayame has to face is unexpected in positive tone o.O

thank you so much for your kind comment! ^^

heh, that's what i was trying to go for! i'm glad you were able to pick it up!

How do I download/play this game? I'm still a bit new to this...

When you scroll down from the top, stop when you see "Download now". When the price thing comes up, put 0 to get it for free and pick "Windows" to download it. ^^ Hopefully, that helps!

Actually, you only have click 'No thanks. Just take to the downloads'

Oh! Thank you for the clarification!

You welcome:)

Pretty neat, I liked the characters! Only wish it could have been a bit longer but I understand it was made for a game jam.


Thank you so much for your comment! Maybe if I get enough people interested, a full game could be worked out. ^^/ I hope you've been well!